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by Der Heckler

My Christmas Presents to the World of Football

It’s been a tough year, you know. We’re hardly out of the recession and yet here I am, packing your socks with gifts once more. No I’m not the one with a reindeer – I turn up your drive with … Continue reading

by Der Heckler
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Sweat, Thrills and Bellyaches: The Milan Derby

To begin with, I owe all you Inter fans a “heartfelt” apology. Or rather, no, let’s not start off with a lie. I’m not even dreaming of apologising. The account below might offend some of you so read at own risk. I’m willing to take anything you want to post: insults, statistics, death threats, the like. Continue reading

by Der Heckler

What’s Troublin’ You, Faceman?

There’s a strange affliction, a sort of psychosis, that is persecuting Inter right now. Results aside, the loss of esteemed traitor Jose Mourinho has opened a series of gaping holes within the club structure. In one fell swoop, they lost … Continue reading