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by Der Heckler
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Sweat, Thrills and Bellyaches: The Milan Derby

To begin with, I owe all you Inter fans a “heartfelt” apology. Or rather, no, let’s not start off with a lie. I’m not even dreaming of apologising. The account below might offend some of you so read at own risk. I’m willing to take anything you want to post: insults, statistics, death threats, the like. Continue reading

by Der Heckler

Petulant Tw@ts in Football – 01

This is the first of a new series of football related blogs I’m writing for and behalf of, and possibly in conjunction with, the nice people at footballxs.com. I will therefore be writing some of my most politically correct, swearword … Continue reading

by Der Heckler


Hell, that was a vanishing act. I can hardly remember such a blitzkrieg from Galliani in the past few years, and frankly I was too young to remember the level of commitment it took him, and the club, to bring … Continue reading