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On Manic this Sunday…


I have what looks like an interesting weekend coming up.

Tonight, for one, I’ve been invited (rumour has it I’ve actually invited myself) to play a warmup set at Wirdien, a novelty in this year’s cultural calendar which features live performances by Brikkuni, Stalko and Plato’s Dream Machine. There will be lots of folk as well as the usual folks whom I’m never tired of seeing, and I’m particularly curious to see what those attending will wear. I’ve also been preparing this set for about a month and I’m slightly excited if not jittery.

Good luck to all those organising.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m missing Arsenal to attend the opening symposium of M3P, a project piloted by Toni Sant, Michael Bugeja and Alex Grech that “aims to build a collaborative database of Maltese music and associated arts.” I’ve also seen a wiki of Maltese artists and musicians which is sure to come in handy in a few years’ time.

In the meantime, Sunday is Manic! day again. This month I’ve got Skimmed under the lens together with the Wall of Shame. It’s not a band, but I’ll give you a hint: there’s a spot of ink about someone who drives one of her cars. See ya there.

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