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The Moulettes Gig (20/08/2010)


Must say, I was pretty distracted by a few people whom I haven’t seen for quite some time. So, as the Moulettes’ own brand of (Celtic?Romanian?gypsy? they all sound the same don’t they?) folk coloured this particular sweaty night at Madliena Cottage, I find myself engrossed in a long conversation about Kyuss, QOTSA and stoner rock with my mate(s) Mr and Mrs Simon Dimech (Hairyamp).

True, the familiar faces are all here. Full kudos to the organisers for the event, which featured the aforementioned Moulettes and Plato’s Dream Machine (whose acronym seems to be settling in just that bit too quickly – but that’s a good sign, ultimately). Unfortunately, as I told Danjeli on our way out, I was too distracted to follow the event properly – call it a night off – and to be completely fair with everyone, I am less fond of folk (whatever’s happened to guitars?)

All in all, while I got the feeling that the audience had a mixed reaction to the British band, the event itself was FUN.

Well done to all those who worked hard for this event.

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